Ownership Program


Duration: Contracts are issued for 1 month, 3 month, 6 month and 1 year durations. Extended durations are considered only after fulfilling a one year obligation to My satisfaction. If a slave wants out of a contract for a reason other than a breach by Me (which never happens) he/she will be forced to pay a penalty fee established prior to signing the contract. This fee will be agreed upon and placed within the contract itself.


Ownership: Each contract will be tailored specifically to each owned slave. It will clearly outline expectations and obligations of both parties.  Please note: I will not be guaranteeing a specific amount of personal contact each week. I will assure each of My owned slaves that they will feel owned by Me, but I will make contact if and when I choose. Remember, slaves, I own you, not vice versa.

Ownership will begin with a formal collaring ceremony with an exchange of vows, signing of the contract and collaring. you will also be presented with a piece of discretely engraved jewellery to wear 24/7 when not in My presence to remind you of Whose property you are. your collar will be personalized and engraved for You, and there will be 2 signed copies of the contract, one for My slave, and one for Myself.

Ownership requires a modest monthly tribute.  Prior to collaring I will demand payment for the session as normal, payment to compensate for the collar and jewellery, and an appropriate gift to thank Me for accepting you as my slave. This gift does not need to be expensive (I will not stop you from spoiling Me), but it does need to be thoughtful. An ownership program will include an agreed-upon number of sessions per month. These sessions are not included in the modest monthly ownership tribute. Each person’s needs and finances are different, so this is flexible. Ideally, I should be seeing my property at least twice per month, but again, I can work around that. While the session frequency is fixed, the duration is flexible for each visit, with 1 hour being the minimum. Session rates are significantly reduced for owned slaves.

In addition to training sessions, I will expect My slaves to make themselves available to Me for My convenience to the best of their ability. This can and will include , but is not limited to, events such as: shopping (you won’t be required to purchase anything for Me, but it certainly won’t be discouraged, ultimately I will require you to drive Me and carry My things), meals (restaurants or home cooked and brought to Me), entertainment (who doesn’t love a night out?), grooming (take Me for manicures and pedicures, and perhaps I’ll allow you to get one yourself), personal service (massages, cleaning, chauffeuring etc.), session help (assist with set up before a session, clean up after a session, rubbing My sore feet between sessions, feeding Me between sessions, etc), accompanying Me to fetish events (bear in mind, you may not be alone. I like having multiple slaves on leashes at one time, and will not tolerate any bullshit between My slaves). None of these activities will require tribute, but I do expect that My slaves consider this time with Me to be an honour and a privilege and to treat it accordingly.


Long Distance Ownership: Yes, it is possible to be my slave if you live far away. It’s worked well in the past and continues to do so. Our first meeting will involve you flying Me to you, or coming to see Me in Toronto / Mississauga. If I am coming to see you, I will expect to pay no expense for the duration of My stay, I expect to be pampered, and I expect an appropriate tribute for what will in all likelihood be at least an overnight visit. Once you sign the contract and become My slave, the tribute expectations moving forward will be significantly reduced per visit, considering the expense of flying Me in, pampering Me, etc. While I am not an ‘online’ Domme, we will certainly communicate via video chat, and will incorporate training (with appropriate tribute) via video chat. you will be permitted to see another local Domme of My choosing to assist in My training of you.  you will pay Me a tribute for the privilege of doing this, and pay Her according to Her rates. This will be a Domme that I am in contact with, and We will be reviewing your visits. She will be an extension of Me.  Remember who owns you while you are there; you won’t like the consequences if you don’t. As with a standard ownership, a long distance ownership requires a modest monthly tribute and will include the same ceremony, collar and jewellery as a local ownership.


Chastity and Keyholding: I don’t offer keyholding services for slaves that are not My property. I do enjoy incorporating chastity and keyholding into the ownership for those able to participate. The frequency of ‘release’ will be agreed upon and placed into the contract. If you break the chastity portion of the contract, there will be a substantial (again, agreed upon) penalty to pay to compensate for your transgression. You can also expect to be punished at My hands for your disobedience.

I have a highly effective system for key transferral that allows even My long distance slaves the opportunity to unlock themselves at the predetermined time, and then lock themselves back up again with a new key available for their next release. Not to worry, I’m able to tell if the key has been tampered with (this is something we will discuss further).


The ownership program is perfect for the slave who wants to immerse themself in the bliss of being the property of a sensual, intelligent, demanding, and sometimes sadistic Domme. Perhaps you will be My next acquisition.


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